Q&A: Talking with Hey Sholay

“Hello – we are Hey Sholay. Nice to meet you.”

Hey Sholay are a very interesting bunch with a lot of quirky things to say. (I didn’t even mean that to rhyme).

It’s quite difficult to pin down exactly what they’re all about but I thought before they play main stage at Tramlines next Saturday it’d be good to ask them a few questions. Despite not talking much about themselves they do reveal who they want to catch at Sheffield’s festival, where their name came from and plans they’ve got for releasing their music on USB, vinyl and cassette.

So read on…

So you’re digital release of ‘Burning’ is out now and I personally can’t stop listening to it it’s brilliant. For those who haven’t heard it or your sound – how would you describe it?

A tumble dryer being pushed down a narrow staircase giving chase to geriatrics with a piano accompaniment.

Right the name Hey Sholay is brilliant – how did it come about?

Sholay is a direct translation for ‘little embers/flames of the sun’. We are all part of a collapsed star really. The aroms that make up all life were formed under great pressure at the beginnings of mass formation. Under this cooking pressure, these masses exploded, exhaling oxygen carbon, nitrogen into the cosmos. Fragments of mass would then form clouds which compressed into star formation under its own gravity, acreating an attractive pivot point for forming satellites, which could in time bear life.

‘Hey’ also rhymes.

So next big date must be Tramlines Festival? You’re playing the main stage on the Saturday! How you feeling about that? Any surprises planned for the festival? 

This year’s tramlines comes pretty close to our album launch – so the surprises are to be held off until then… The one appearance should be enough we think. But yes, we are honoured to be playing this year again. And it could prove exciting on a bigger stage of course… We need longer cables.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfLBgWd-IDQ]

So playing live – do you enjoy it? What’s your favourite memory of playing live? 

Last week we played in the back of a water-logged juggernaut. That was weird. High amps do not mix with brown water too well.. We played in a paddle boat with toy instruments in Hyde Park recently too, for the 405. Oh and Sheffield Cathedral…Live is always fun – because we have so much stuff though half the challenge is getting to fit anywhere. But our generation grew upon Tetris..

What else you hoping to get out of tramlines? Who will you be off to see?

We will be off to see a few bands, given time. Temple of coke, Mad Colours, Roots Manuva, Mudcats blues trio, The Hot Soles, Wet Nuns, are a few to watch out for…. What do we want to get out of it? An all-over tan from the venues lightbulbs. And the closest thing to seeing Stevie Ray Vaughan live, pre doing a ‘Buddy Holly’ on this dimension (mudcats)…

Love the snap that Mark Tighe took of you lot recently (up at the top) – but I’ve got to know what are you eating?

Lugworms. Those piles of bubbles you see in the sand on a beach? Lugworms. They are great for feeding fish, and carnivorous reptiles that are alien in origin and related to the queen. I’m suprised you did’nt ask about our impressive ‘human’ suits we wore. Ahem.

So plans for a physical release are on the cards. When will that be coming out? Pretty excited to get that myself. You including anything quirky with that?

I know you’ve done USB sticks before – will you do that again? Our album will be our first physical release since our debut vinyl single, accompanying ‘Foetus USB’ Ep, and Christmas split ep. I’m looking into some old Soviet 1960’s pirate vinyl techniques, a run of cassette tapes, and perhaps even a wax cylinder. USB is a definate possibility too.
So you’re making music in Sheffield – are you originally from the steel city?

We are all originally from the suburbs of the steel city – it’s predominantly bog and woodland, think about the part where the horse dies in ‘Never ending story’.

What is it you like about Sheffield and the music scene here?

The music, since the days of Warp Record’s germination, Derek Bailey first putting a record out over 60 years ago – has always thrived by itself well. Sheffield always will have a broad spectrum due to an emphasis on culture. Its not the grim post-industrial metropolis some would have you believe. As for scenes, we don’t believe in segregation of anything creative. It destroys it.

Any other plans over the next few months? Other festivals to play at? 
We like to keep busy. We write album 2 before we release ((O)) on 17/09/12. And festivals? Beacons, knee deep, summersundae, wish you were here. Head to the new website for dates perhaps….www.heysholay.com

How can people keep tabs of you? Facebook? Twitter and all that jazz…

Yeppo – we have the sns sites all working – check out fb and twitter for comps, show updates, interaction and general headaches…

A bit of a random question but – What’s the best thing a fan’s said to you before? I know a musician who met a fan with a tattoo of his lyrics! 

The best thing a fan has ever said?
It’s good when you talk through a fan when it’s on full power. Sounds like a Dalek.

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