Music Tips for 2014: 12 acts you should get to know

Happy New Year everyone!

Hope January isn’t treating you too badly. It’s not got off to a good start what with all these floods and 40mph winds sweeping people off their feet. Oh and there’s the fact most people around you are probably talking about ‘eating clean’, being on a detox and aren’t coming to the pub after work because they’re having this month off the booze. Miserable, ey? Well it’s not ALL bad! There’s one great thing about the start of every year and that’s tipping the acts that you hope will make it big and gain the attention they truly deserve and have been working so hard for!

So, here’s my short and sweet list of 12 acts I think will or at least SHOULD breakthrough in 2014.

Enjoy and as always let me know what you think and please comment below! Let me know who you think will make it big this year!

If you’d rather listen to all these tips in one place here’s my Tips for 2014 radio show.

Monday’s Mixtape featuring Wolf Alice, Sampha and Thumpers – 06-01-14 by Emily Brinnand on Mixcloud

Wolf Alice


Wolf Alice are a four-piece alternative-rock band from North London who got together in 2010. Initially it was a solo project by Ellie Rowsell, then Joff Oddie joined as her guitarist and later Joel Amey, Theo Ellis came into the mix.

They released their debut single Fluffy in February last year and followed it with Bros in May. Two remarkable records that have helped them grab the attention of BBC Radio 1, the NME and many music bloggers including me!

In October, they released their debut EP Blush. This track is from it. It’s a beauty.

Watch the video to Blush above.

Wolf Alice on Facebook



Last year I became obsessed with this mysterious Manchester producer who goes by the name Oceaán. A short but sweet email landed in my inbox reading “With love, for your consideration” along with a link to a track on Soundcloud. It was from Oceaán and signed off with the letter “O” followed by a kiss. I was so intrigued to have a listen and once I did I heard this beautifully captivating song called Neéd U. As soon as I heard the first few notes I was hooked. The track is gorgeous and well put together.

I picked Oceaán as my 36th #NewBandUpNorth for The Guardian which you can read here.

Have a listen to his track below.

High Hazels


High Hazels are a superb indie pop group from Sheffield made up of James Leesley, Scott Howes and brothers Paul and Anthony Barlow. They grew up together in Handsworth, just outside of the Steel City. I first heard them last year. If you’re a fan of The Smiths or The Coral then this band is for you. Full of nostaglic melodies and thought provoking lyrics this band will hopefully captivate many hearts this year, especially with the support behind them already from the likes of BBC 6 Music.

High Hazels on Facebook



Now here’s a band I am obsessed with. I was one of the first to play them on the radio back when I was living in Sheffield. What I love the most about this Sheffield five-piece is the way they combine dreamy, shoegaze sounds with thrashy guitars and gorgeous vocals from Liv Neller. They started out putting a few tracks up online but released their debut single Between Times late last year. Have a listen below and read my 19th #NewBandUpNorth piece about them here on The Guardian.

BLESSA on Facebook



I’m sure you’ve heard of this lady by now. LA R&B artist Jillian Banks, known to us as BANKS, is producing some intimate and moody songs that are gaining her a very devoted fan base. She is also on BBC’s Sound of 2014 long list and has been tipped to be massive in 2014 by nearly EVERYONE! Have a listen and see what all the fuss is about.

BANKS on Facebook

Bridie Jackson and The Arbour

bridie jackson 2

This Newcastle-based four-piece is putting a darker slant on folk. I picked them out as my 29th #NewBandUpNorth (read here). The remarkable voice of Bridie Jackson is beautiful yet haunting and the instrumentation and harmonies weaving around her are ethereal, and at times gentle, making their music even more moving. After winning the Glastonbury Emerging Talent competition they’re gone on to record sessions with the BBC and gig around the country. Let’s hope they get even more attention this year. Take a listen to their song Prolong. 

Bridie Jackson and The Arbour on Facebook

Cut Ribbons

Cut Ribbons

I only came across this Welsh band a few months ago and immediately loved what I heard and played them on my radio show Monday’s Mixtape. I like that they have time for “anyone who’d like to come to a show and drink a beer” with them. Seems they’re a friendly band. I particularly enjoy the boy/girl harmonies which float across delicate guitars. They’re making music with the perfect mixture of nostalgia and optimism.

Have a listen for yourself here.

Cut Ribbons on Facebook



“Patterns are creating beautiful electronic drone pop that makes you feel like you’re flying.”

That’s what I wrote in The Guardian when I picked Manchester four-piece Patterns as my 30th #NewBandUpNorth.

The beautiful fusion of guitars, vocals, intelligent samples and beats are the perfect soundtrack to any daydream. This four-piece from Manchester is making evocative noises that are brimming with nostalgia.

Ciaran McAuley, Laurence Radford, Alex Hillhouse and Jamie Lynch all met at Manchester University and started making music together. Here’s the first single to be taken from the band’s forthcoming debut album Waking Lines, which is set for release very soon. It was all self-recorded with 1 mic and 1 laptop, which is remarkable.

Have a listen to This Haze released via Melodic Records.

Patterns on Facebook

Bipolar Sunshine

Photo by Matt Eachus

Photo by Matt Eachus

Bipolar Sunshine is the solo project of Manchester-based Adio Marchant, who you may remember as the vocalist in Kid British. He’s now carved a new path for himself and is definitely an act that will become huge this year. He’s creating records that are upbeat, full of catchy hooks and beautiful interludes. Have a listen below and make sure you catch him live. He’ll cheer you right up too as he brings red balloons to his gigs. I picked him out as my 34th #NewBandUpNorth which you can read here. Since then people Zane Lowe has given his record Love More Worry Less a spin as one of his Hottest Records.

Bipolar Sunshine on Facebook


Describes as having “swagger, attitude and crotch-grabbing sexual empowerment”  (Gigwise), is certainly an act that’s already turning heads. Karen Marie Ørsted from Copenhagen is being dubbed as the new Grimes, which is only a good thing for music fans. I love her electronic street vibe soul which easily fits into the mainstream pop market too. She’ll definitely be a success this year.
Her debut album is confirmed for release on 24 February. Plus if you were wondering what MØ means it’s apparently old Norse for virgin.
Listen here.



London band Thumpers are set to have a great 2014. After supporting CHVRCHES on their UK tour they shown off their punchy, sweet, shameless pop to thousands across the country. I was surprised to hear they’re a duo considering their sound is full of harmonies, rhythms and soaring melodies that any five-piece would be proud to call their own. Have a listen below and I guarantee you’ll be hooked.

Thumpers on Facebook



My final tip for 2014 is the remarkable London based musician Sampha. His music really stops you in your tracks. He’s quite rightly had lots of attention already and is on the BBC Sound of 2014 long list. His mellow soulful voice can also be heard on records by SBTRKT and Drake. This track Too Much is lifted from his EP Dual, which was released via Young Turks last summer.

It is beautiful. Listen below.

Sampha on Facebook


Before you go I want to let you know you can hear my tips for 2014 on my radio show on Monday (6th January).

Listen to Monday’s Mixtape on Wythenshawe FM www.wfmradio.org at 7pm on Monday nights.

Check out all the shows over on my radio page here.

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My new radio show Monday’s Mixtape launches on 97.2 Wythenshaw​e FM


So I’ve been a little quiet on the radio front lately, apart from bobbing into BBC 6 Music every now and again, plus doing a few podcasts for The Guardian.

But now I have an exciting announcement to make…


From Monday 21st October I’ll be broadcasting live on 97.2 Wythenshawe FM for my brand new weekly music radio show Monday’s Mixtape.

I’ll hope you’ll join me for what I hope will be a cracking new platform to promote some of the best new and unheard music that’s out there right now.

I’m so happy to be getting my own radio show again after championing new and unheard music from across the North of England for the past year on The Guardian through my New Band Up North column and on my previous show Mixtape Sheffield Live!




Cheesy snapshot of me...

Cheesy snapshot of me…

Some of you may know I co-presented and produced a weekly radio show called Mixtape on Sheffield Live! while I was living over there. I’ve blogged about that for a while too. This new show gives me a chance to take Mixtape to a brand new home. It’s great that Mixtape is re-launching because we championed new and unheard music from across South Yorkshire and Sheffield for over 2 years and saw many acts go on to bigger and brighter things with our help.

I hope you’ll support the show by listening in.


Each week I’ll bring you a weekly Mixtape of new and emerging music. You’ll hear exclusive first plays, interviews and live sessions. Plus I’ll introduce you to the acts from my Guardian New Band Up North column, which also hits www.theguardian.com every Monday.

Also what I love about doing the show on a Monday is we can all get talking about new tunes we’re hearing on #MusicMonday.


On top of playing some fresh sounds I’ll dig deep into my overflowing Musical Mailbag to bring you a very special delivery every week! This feature will involve me physically going through what I receive in the post and pick out the best parcel I’ve got from acts! Many bands have sent me their beautiful records over the past year with personal notes attached so I thought I should show off their efforts and celebrate the fact people still love the physical form of music.






If you’re in a band, making music or know someone who is then make sure you get in touch with me if you haven’t already.

If you’re a PR company, label or music geek reading this then please add the show’s address email mondaysmixtape@gmail.com to any mailing lists you have.

SEND YOUR TUNES TO: mondaysmixtape@gmail.com


If you’d like to sign up for my weekly email from Monday’s Mixtape then please comment below or email the show directly.

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Thanks for reading!



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New Band Up North (No. 23 Low Duo)

Each week, I dig through the sounds of the North, picking one artist or band I think you should note. This week: Low Duo

Leigh and Adam Greenwood are Low Duo

Leigh and Adam Greenwood are Low Duo (Photograph by Marek Payne)

Two brothers: one voice, one guitar. Their sound is raw, emotional and eerie. Vocals, which are full of tenderness, anger and love, meet a guitar that’s jangly, upset and just as aggressive.

It’s as if Low Duo’s music, full of pain and heartache, has been collected into a bottle, sealed and left in a cellar for a while. You can smell love, lost, regret and misery. You start to hear a guitar being strummed softly and a sad voice singing. It reeks of sadness but it’s beautiful too.

Now a spindly guitar backs a harrowing high-pitched voice. The voice and guitar inside your head gets louder, deeper and angrier. So, you’re thinking what’s she going on about? But that’s how Low Duo make me feel.

Leigh and Adam Greenwood are two brothers from a small former mining town in South Derbyshire called Swadlincote. They now live in Sheffield and have been there for four years.

Low Duo came about in 2010 after years playing together in other bands. It wasn’t until they decided to be a duo people started to pay attention. After splitting from their last group they realised there were still two gigs to play, one for Sheffield’s festival Tramlines, the other at a “crazy London fetish night called Festival Of Sins”.

Instead of cancelling, they thought: “This could be fun, let’s just play on our own.” Another last-minute decision was to scrap their old material and write a whole new set of songs. It all paid off and they decided to carry on with their new project, Low Duo.

Talking to Leigh Greenwood, who sings, he admits in previous groups it was all about chasing a record deal: “It got to a point where we were spending more time emailing than writing. So when we started this we decided it would just be about the music. We’d write songs in our bedroom, record them as fast as we could and just send them out to people.”

This was effective and they caught the attention of BBC 6 Music’s Tom Robinson, Guardian’s New Band Of The Day genius Paul Lester and a community radio presenter in Sheffield (me). I remember receiving both of their EPs in the post, The EP of Fear and Failure and The EP Of Truth and Regret. On their covers were childlike scrawls done on paint. The first EP had a 2D ambulance on and on the second stood a lonely tree. This has now become quite a trademark and Leigh has designed the artwork, on Paint, for their mini debut album Dive and Slide into The Blue.

It’s full of songs about losing a lover and how much pain that causes. Leigh explains: “It follows a pretty messy break up I had and is all about picking yourself up and putting yourself back together, so it’s quite easily the most positive thing we’ve done. But it’s still really bleak!”

The way this translates onto the record is through strange metaphors. On Born Into A Spider, the fourth track on the album, Leigh becomes the spider. He talks of losing a “long legged lover” and we hear him almost cry: “I’d lose eight legs to find ya.” About a minute in Leigh’s vocals are soft, high and beautiful, slightly reminiscent of something Thom Yorke does on later Radiohead songs.

There’s a moment to reflect on what’s he’s been saying. Adam’s soft guitar backs up his brother’s melancholy and we hear the two harmonise as the mood changes. It doesn’t stay this way for long as Leigh shouts “in pain”, “cold rain”, and then his voice is low, grungy and angry, as he sings, “My spider heart has been pulled apart.”

Leigh explains that helplessness and regret are the two main themes that run through all their songs and for him the absence of drums and bass is what makes their sound unique. It’s painful, raw, gripping and sparse. Leigh told me they want their music to “grab people emotionally”. He believes too that “there’s something about the intimacy of one guitar and one voice that adds to the emotional intensity”. Something I’d wholly agree with.

Growing up being influenced by The Smiths, The Velvet Underground and Radiohead has left its mark on Low Duo but the band aren’t replicating what’s come before, although they’re good inspirations to have. They really are doing something different. For this debut they worked with producer Kenny Jones, who’s worked with The Smiths, Bjork and Billy Bragg, and what they’ve produced is outstanding.

Like their previous EPs it’s the fact that just one voice and one guitar can produce something so varied and gripping. Another track on the album that I really love is called Winter. This one is more stripped back and less angry. Folk, minimalist sounds come across and the guitar twangs as the vocals coo with sorrow.

At their album launch in Sheffield two weeks ago the pair wandered out into the crowd and played Winter without microphones. Leigh told me “people held the door closed so you could hear a pin drop and we got a huge roar at the end. One of our friends swears he had a tear in his eye.”

As I sit hear listening to their album over and over again I feel sad but stronger too. It’s a collection of songs about putting yourself back together again after something terrible has happened. You do exactly what the title suggests: Dive and Slide Into The Blue and strangely feel better for doing it.

• Low Duo’s debut mini album comes out on 22nd April 2013 and is available to listen below, or at www.lowduo.co.uk

[bandcamp album=2557768243  bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=grande3]

• There will be no New Band Up North next week, but it’ll return on Monday 29 April.


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Top 50 Songs of 2012

Here are my top 50 songs of 2012.

I’m sure they’ll be some tracks that were your favourites that haven’t made my list.

There is so much new and emerging music out there for us to soak up and enjoy. With that in mind it’s impossible to listen to every single song from 2012. But I hope you appreciate this list and find something new or happily agree I’ve made some good choices.

These are the songs that I’ve loved in 2012.

[spotify id="spotify:user:ega08eb:playlist:4UmZcq3dkpdVGaFhbvrWuZ" width="300" height="380" /]

P.S. They’re in no particular order.

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New Band Up North (No. 7 BIRD)

Liverpool trio BIRD are creating music that’s hauntingly beautiful and forcefully captivating. Their poetic lyrics take your mind on a journey making you feel like you’re walking around in a gothic novel.

They’ve already had a pretty great eight months together, during which time they’ve supported The Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess, gigged with Manchester band PINS and recorded a new EP, produced by Bill Ryder-Jones from The Coral.

Adele Emmas, Sian Williams and Alexis Samata are all from the Wirral and live very close to each other, which is a huge advantage as “it’s pretty easy for us to get together to practice and do lots of things creatively” Adele explains. After being friends and in bands for years Adele and Alexis met Sian through a friend of a friend and soon decided to have a jam. Adele says “we pretty much immediately realised that together we could create something unique and special.” Knowing they were onto a winning sound after one session must have been an amazing feeling. But after you’ve listened to BIRD for the first time it’s easy to understand how they must have felt as you get a similar reaction. Their music moves you.

BIRD like a lot of new bands enjoy not fitting into one musical genre. But if they had to describe their sound Adele thinks “ethereal, tribal and dark” is pretty accurate. The tribal drums, splashes of cymbals and tight female harmonies are the core ingredients to BIRD’s winning formula. Yet, it’s Adele’s striking singing that pulls your ears in and keeps you listening.

Adele takes a lot of influence from film: “mainly old black and white films such as The Night Of The Hunter, The Innocents and some Ingmar Bergman.” While the band collectively take inspiration from books, films, nature and “the dark side of art”. Musically they have a mutual love for Leonard Cohen, The Cocteau Twins, Warpaint, Chelsea Wolfe and Fleetwood Mac. While recording their latest EP “Sian was able to use a guitar which was once owned by Peter Green [from Fleetwood Mac], which was very exciting.”

(Their video for ‘Shadows’ looks like an old horror movie. Pretty scary.)

Clearly strong imagery is very important to Adele as the name ‘bird’ originates from a nickname of hers: “there’s a fondness attached to the name for me. I also loved the name BIRD because I like the way it represents freedom and the sky.” Adele’s enchanted personality and obsession with melancholy music and culture comes across in her dark and bleak lyrics. The band make sure this comes across in the way they make their records: “we recorded the EP in a beautiful church in Liverpool so the natural acoustics and reverb were perfect for our music and it added to the Gothic element of our sound.”

They’re successfully matching music with imagery and are very happy to have “full creative control over what we’re trying to say and put out there.” They’ve recently been doing lots of filming and are in the middle of planning their next music video.

Although everything is going extremely well, there’s one thing Adele doesn’t enjoy and that’s getting changed before going on stage. “There’s usually a queue of about ten people in the toilets whilst you’re trying to make yourself look half decent, you usually end up rushing on stage with one shoe on or something.”

After accomplishing a lot in a short space of time the New Year looks bright for BIRD with their new EP coming out, a twenty eight day UK tour, festivals in the summer and plans to make an album. With their drive and ambition they’re hoping to carry on making “music that people love, relate to and have a passion for.”

 Posted on The Guardian on 17th December at 17:00 GMT. 

Their new EP will be released in February 2013 with Jack To Phono Records.

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New See Emily Play EP out today raises over a grand for Rape Crisis

The new self-titled EP from Sheffield musician See Emily Play is out today. After months of hard work it’s paid off. Emily Ireland’s latest record is incredible. What makes it even more outstanding is how it was made. Emily did a crowdfunding project to raise funds so she could record the EP and all the profits would then be donated to the charity Rape Crisis. Even before it’s release this EP has managed to raise over a thousand pounds for the charity.

Emily’s music is incredible but this record stands out because it was recorded with an orchestra. The idea came to Emily after she performed at Tramlines Festival with the backing of one. Not only is she a multi talented musician but she beautifully blends rock with classical, jazz and folk sounds. Her new EP is mature, powerful, emotional and reminiscent. She’s been up and down the country gigging in her hometown of Sheffield, Uni town of Manchester and that southern city London.

I had a brief chat with Emily about her latest project, the EP and her journey so far.

See Emily Play


EB: Tell me about raising funds for the EP.
SEP: I recently did a crowdfunding project to raise money to record an EP. The idea was to turn a negative experience into something positive, so all of the profits will be donated to a charity called Rape Crisis, which provides support for victims of Rape and Sexual abuse. The crowdfunding went so well that the project has already raised a substantial amount of money for the charity.
EB: Your EP comes out today. What should we expect?
SEP: A big, dramatic, powerful sound. The EP features an orchestra, as well as the usual ‘rock band’ instruments (the latter all played by my brother, pretty much!), I worked with an old school friend, Matthew Warren, who’s an amazing classical composer, he wrote the orchestrations. It adds so much to my quirky, little pop songs. It’s very atmospheric and different but quite accessible too, I’d like to think.

EB: How proud are you of it?
SEP: Very, very, very proud. It sounds better than I could have imagined, mainly thanks to all the wonderful musicians playing on it. Plus the people that donated for it, of course.

EB: How did it feel having people donating money to make it happen?
SEP: Everybody was so generous and supportive, the project kicked off more than I ever expected. I think people felt the cause was really important and worthy, which I agree with whole-heartedly. I’ve learnt the situations Rape Crisis provide support for are more common than people generally realise, it makes me even more determined to help raise money for them.

EB: What’s the journey been like so far?
SEP: One amazing learning curve, I’ve been very lucky to have a lot of influential people interested in my music, I’ve learnt a lot about how the music industry really works. I’ve been playing for years, even though I’m comparatively a bit younger than some of the bands I share a stage with, I’ve had a lot of time to perfect my song writing and performance skills, I like to think that with every step I’m getting a little bit better. It sometimes gets a bit frustrating and feels like I’m stuck in a bit of a rut, but things seem to be quite exciting right now.

EB: On the record it’s obviously a very full sound – but you often perform solo don’t you?
SEP: Sometimes, when I started I only played on my own. The backing band came later.

EB: And do you count yourself as a solo artist or is having a band to perform with really important to you?
SEP: Im a solo artist, but with a backing band that I wouldn’t swap for the world! Performing solo and with the band are two entirely different experiences, both for me and for the listener. Playing with the band is really fun, my backing band consists of three northern blokes that like to play LOUD, we’re a bit of a force! But playing solo I can afford to be more delicate and can play around with my voice a little more.

EB: So what do you tend to write about?
SEP: Things that happen, observations. Falling in love and having my heart trampled on, but in more of a self deprecating way than just feeling sorry for myself!

See Emily Play performing at Tramlines 2012
See Emily Play performing at Tramlines 2012

EB: What influences your music?
SEP: I like proper songwriting! Ben folds and Kate Bush have influenced my music massively. Life experiences and emotions affect what I write an awful lot too.

EB: Why did you want to make the EP with an orchestra?
SEP: I first played with the orchestra at tramlines last July. It was the best gig I’ve ever played, the venue was dangerously over-capacity, the audience were incredible to play to, and the extra players gave a new dimension to my music. We all wanted to capture a little bit of that magic in the studio.

The second See Emily Play EP is out today and available to download from iTunes

All profits raised will be donated to Rape Crisis England and Wales www.rapecrisis.org.uk

Check See Emily Play out at:



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Tramlines keeps it free for all four years in a row

tramlines sheffield

The Nokia light show on the main stage. Photograph by Paul Cantrell

Tramlines this year easily lived up to being the UK’s Best Metropolitan Festival, after people poured onto the streets of the steel city to enjoy a huge amount of music from all corners of the world. Keeping it free for the last four years is certainly something to celebrate and be proud of.

Here’s Dog is Dead on Nandos New Music Stage on Sunday, photographed by Tarquin Clark.

Dog is dead

It’s estimated around 150,000 people came to Tramlines over the weekend. Every part of Sheffield was jam-packed with people, filling up hundreds of venues, pavements and parks across the city. There were nine hundred performances in total. Not only on Devonshire Green’s Main Stage but the Nandos New Music Stage on Barker’s Pool and lots of things happening down at Kelham Island and the wonderful folk forest in Endcliffe Park. Here’s the scene on Devonshire Green, photographed by David Chang.

sheffield tramlines devonshire

Thankfully the rain only stuck around for Friday and the sunshine made an appearance on Saturday and Sunday to make the festival even better.

Fans moved around to soak up music from Alt-J, We Are Scientists, Reverend & the Makers, 65 days of Static, AlunaGeorge, Toddla T Sound, Roots Manuva, Chew Lips and much more. Here’s Alt-J at the Bowery, photographed by Simon Butler.

Alt J at Tramlines

Festival highlights included Friday Night’s Nokia Lumia Live showcase with Reverend & the Makers and an amazing light show with thousands of illuminated wristbands lighting up the whole of Devonshire Green. As well as the Busker’s Bus, providing passengers with a unique experience to travel around the city and have a band entertain you for the round trip. Meanwhile I got this pic of Blue Lip Feel, opening the Main Stage on Saturday.

Blue Lip Feel

The Crookes were amongst many to battle through the heat and the bumpy journey to give an amazing debut busk on the bus. Another brilliant act many discovered over the weekend was See Emily Play. The Sheffield Chamber Orchestra accompanied Emily and her band at the Library Theatre for the theatrical and epic set. Here’s my photograph of the event.

See Emily play

The Reverend & Makers front man Jon McClure, below, said:

Tramlines is more than about the big acts and headliners. There are so many artists in this great city. It’s a chance to put unsigned bands and new talent in the shop window. I’m excited.

Tom McClure

Sarah Nulty Festival Director said:

Literally hundreds of people have worked ridiculously hard to make Tramlines happen – working stupid hours for little or no money. Behind the scenes an army of people have been working for months to make this happen and a lot of local artists have put their time in for free.

We couldn’t put Tramlines on if it wasn’t for everyone’s tireless dedication and I personally want to thank our amazing volunteers, everyone at the city council, our sponsors, everyone who has performed over the weekend and of course everyone who came.

The Sheffield music scene is fantastic and Tramlines really showcases what the city has to offer. We know that this year we had a lot more people from outside of the city visiting Sheffield especially for Tramlines.  We want those people, and others, to come back for the other 51 weeks of the year too.

Here’s to next year. And here’s my picture of Chew Lips on the Main Stage on Saturday.

Chew Lip

Here are a few more pics and a YouTube clip from Tramlines TV. First, the Everley Pregnant Brothers – Fat Cat – Saturday – photo by Glenn Ashley.

Everly Pregnant

Next, The Crookes at 02 Academy, photographed by David Chang.

The Crookes

Reverend and the Makers, photographed by Giles Bertenshaw

Reverend and the Makers

Ross Orton and Toddla T, photographed by Dan Sumption.

Tramlines Sheffield 3

Hey Sholay taking flight, photographed by Georgina Martin

Hey Sholay

And finally, the film.
You can catch up with plenty more or relive the weekend on Tramlines’ website here.

Emily Brinnand is a freelance multimedia journalist, producer and broadcaster. She’s on Facebook here, Twitter here and About Me here.

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Today: Record Store Day, powered by Storify

Bringing together your tweets, statuses and photographs of the internationally celebrated Record Store Day in one place.

UPDATED STORY HERE: [View the story "Record Store Day 2012" on Storify]

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    Happy Record Store Day 2012. I’ll be heading up to The Diskery in Birmingham to buy the Ekki Múkk special edition vinyl by Sigur Rós. Cannot wait to spin that bad boy and cry like a little girl.
    Sat, Apr 21 2012 04:36:32
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    Nieuwe Jack White plaat staat op Spotify: open.spotify.com/album/5Kh… Happy Record Store day!
    Sat, Apr 21 2012 04:59:34
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    RT @IrisMacro: Oh & happy record store day! Record stores need to keep existing. It would be sad if our kids didn’t ever get to go in one.
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    13 Reasons To Visit Your Local Record Store Day On Saturday #RSD12 n.pr/IBEebx
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    Happy Record Store Day. Remember, a record store is for life, not just for @recordstoreday.
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    Happy Record Store Day: glad to see our old vinyl player is now considered a treasure rather than old technology
    Sat, Apr 21 2012 05:00:26
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    Happy Record Store Day. Sent my Mum to Carnival Records because I couldn’t be bothered, hopefully the White Album has been reduced from £90
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    Happy Record Store Day UK.. time to dig out the vinyl. My faves? Casy and the Sunshine Band, free w. my 1st pair of school shoes… #RSD12
    Sat, Apr 21 2012 05:02:35
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    Happy Record Store Day! http://instagr.am/p/JrQnjLph95/
    Sat, Apr 21 2012 05:02:27
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    VoxBoxMusic is my record shop of choice in Edinburgh, looking forward to Record Store Day tomorrow http://www.theedinburghreporter.co.uk/2012/04/edinburgh-marks-record-store-day/
    Fri, Apr 20 2012 04:57:08
  14. Share

    Happy Record Store Day, I’ll be staying at home.. http://pic.twitter.com/qVtwhLQR
    Sat, Apr 21 2012 05:02:14
  15. Share
    Mental queue outside @Crash_Records! HMV IS DEAD LONG LIVE THE INDEPENDENT RECORD STORE! #RSD
    Sat, Apr 21 2012 05:03:54
  16. Share
    But do remember, an independent record store is for LIFE, not just for #RSDUK #RSD2012 #rsd12 #RSD. See our love affair w/ @banquetrecords.
    Sat, Apr 21 2012 02:53:43
  17. Share
    Hoping I get Sigur Ros and Noel Gallagher records today #RSD
    Sat, Apr 21 2012 04:58:55
  18. Share

    オオノシンスケ #RSD @ Jetset http://instagr.am/p/JrQDKwAk95/
    Sat, Apr 21 2012 04:59:19
  19. Share
    Suspending my cynicism on Record Store Day, 17yr old lad in front of me queued from 1am to buy a 7″ by The Clash. Power to the youth. #RSD
    Sat, Apr 21 2012 04:57:54
  20. Share

    Gotcha! @coldplay #RSD http://pic.twitter.com/iBYIhnnn
    Sat, Apr 21 2012 04:50:21
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Record Store Day 2012

Record Store Day is a musical celebration recognising local music scenes and indie record stores across the country and internationally.

In its fifth year, thousands of people across the UK, US, Europe and Canada, are heading to their independent record shops. Musicians are marking the day with special releases and performances.

Today releases from The White Stripes, Arcade Fire, Beach House, Animal Collective, Miike Snow, Florence and the Machine, PiL, Arctic Monkeys, Sigur Rós, the Civil Wars, Hot Chip, Bruce Springsteen, Laura Marling, and even Katy Perry, hit the shelves.

Here’s just a handful:


The Civil Wars – ‘Billie Jean/Sour Times’ 7″, Qty: 500, Label: Sony

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ju3K7dP7n8s&w=560&h=315]

Arcade Fire – ‘Sprawl II Remix’, 12″, Label: Mercury

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fn_5Iws10s0&w=560&h=315]

Arctic Monkeys – ‘R U Mine?’, Ltd heavyweight purple vinyl 7″, Label: Domino

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQH8ZTgna3Q&w=560&h=315]

Radiohead – ‘Side A: Supercollider’ & ‘Side B: The Butcher’, 12″ Limited to 2000 for UK & Eire, Label: (XL Recordings)


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6M-g6i5NM48&w=420&h=315]

The Cure – ‘Three Imaginary Boys’, Pressed on coloured heavyweight vinyl Qty: Ltd to 2,500 worldwide, Label: Universal

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70qhUTvnG7k&w=420&h=315]

 Michael Jackson – ‘Hollywood Tonight/Behind The Mask TBC’, 7″ Vinyl, Label: Sony
‘Hollywood Tonight’
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWZLlkR9th8&w=560&h=315]

Kate Bush – ‘Lake Tahoe’, 10″ Picture Disc, Qty: 1000, Label: Fish People

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKPHA3_cBus&w=560&h=315]

Bat for Lashes – ‘Strangelove’, One Sided Etched 7″, QTY: 750, Label: Parlophone

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPosP22GO_8&w=560&h=315]

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – ‘Songs From The Great White North’, 12″ on opaque white vinyl, Qty: 2000, Label: Sour Mash

“Record shops are as important as the records themselves” – Noel Gallagher

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dWBDdLwnbA&w=560&h=315]

Toddla T – ‘Cherry Picking (feat. Roisin Murphy)’, 12′ single (red vinyl) qty: 300., Label: Ninja Tune

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2p13PnVKgZ0&w=560&h=315]
Full listings here from the Record Store Day UK website. 

Check out the US Record Store Day website for  the most inclusive list of vinyl releases and the cover sleeve art.

You can see which record stores are participating here.

Get in touch below with what you bought and share photos.

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