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header_52ea909e1bc055b1170000e6SWAYS Records, the self-proclaimed “cultural regenerator and independent record label”, has been showcasing some extraordinary artists for the past two years; through secret performances, exclusive events…read more

Music Tips for 2014: 12 acts you should get to know

Happy New Year everyone!

Hope January isn’t treating you too badly. It’s not got off to a good start what with all these floods and 40mph winds sweeping people off their feet. Oh and there’s the fact most people around you are probably talking about ‘eating clean’, being on a detox...Read More »

New Band Up North (No. 18 Dan Croll)

Each week, I dig through the sounds of the North, picking one artist or band I think you should take notice of. This week it’s Dan Croll

Dan Croll Photograph: Lasse Fløde

Combining electronic music with gorgeous folk melodies, this multi-instrumentalist, who could...Read More »

New Band Up North (No. 16 Joe Banfi)

Joe Banfi says he was listening to a lot of Mongolian music while writing his latest record, Nomads.

Stark, primitive, tribal howls and groans crash into you, like massive waves on the cliff’s edge. A few moments ago you were looking up at the dark...Read More »

New Band Up North (No. 12 M A U S I)


MAUSI front to back: Daisy Finetto (singer), Thomas Finetto (singer), Benji Huntrods in his shades (drums) and Ben Brown in the distance (guitars)

I’d like it to be summer please. No more cold mornings, dark afternoons or wearing two pairs of socks...Read More »

New Band Up North (No. 4 PINS)

PINS – SAY TO ME from PINS on Vimeo.

The blistering and beautiful video from PINS could be an advert… not quite sure what for. What do you reckon? Cigarettes? Fishnet tights? Wine? Be warned it contains...Read More »

Q&A: Talking with Sheffield band The Crookes

So before The Crookes return home to Sheffield this Saturday, to play their biggest headline tour to date, find out how their UK tour is going, what’s influencing their third album and why Russell ended up in lycra hot pants…

I caught up with Tom Dakin and...Read More »

Q&A: Talking with Dodgy at Sheftival

Here I chat to pop-power trio from the 90s – Dodgy – while they were at Sheftival.
Just after they performed a secret gig on the Buskers Barge I asked them about their music and what it felt like to make some of the catchy...Read More »

Q&A: Talking with the Reverend - Jon McClure

Reverend and The Makers are an indie pop band based in Sheffield and signed to Wall of Sound. Frontman Jon McClure is nicknamed “The Reverend”. The band’s debut album The State of Things (2007) was hugely successful across the country and got them a UK Top 10 single “Heavyweight Champion of The World”. The...Read More »

Dear Emily White - the NPR intern.

I crave the physical product not a digital file I’ll forget about

The ongoing debate about stealing and getting music for free online erupted again last week after 20-year-old Emily White posted a blog on NPR admitting...Read More »

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