Talking with Free Art Friday artist Mydog sighs


Free Art Friday is an art movement where artists around the world are making pieces of art and leaving them in a public places every Friday for people to take away and keep.

Free Art Friday is not an original concept. There are many artists across the world making art and leaving it out on the street. But there are no rules. Some artists use canvas, some use materials they find in the street and a lot use cardboard because it’s cheap.

For an artist Free Art Friday (FAF) seems to be an opportunity to create work for free, voice an idea, shout a political message or just amuse and confuse the viewer.Art can be constrained by gallery and dealer issues but FAF allows the artist to focus on their work without thinking too much about money and commercial restrictions.

What’s fascinating is the artist puts their work on the streets for free hoping someone passing by will take it home and treasure it. But they’re often intrigued about where the piece ends up and hoping it’s not on a rubbish heap somewhere.

I spoke to artist, Mydog sighs, who got involved with Free Art Friday at the beginning and asked him how it all began, what it actually is, the reason behind it and a little bit about his own work…

Are you a Sheffield artist involved in Free Art Friday?
If so get in touch.

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